Board Gaming

Patrick enjoys working with fellow board gamers.  Patrick has a collection of over 500 games, and enjoys teaching games.  He has global contacts in the industry. 

Patrick represents board game designers, artists, and publishers. 

For board game designers, he offers advice regarding startup including corporate entity formation, licensing and royalty agreements, and protecting intellectual property rights.  Patrick is a creative thinker focused on expanding and maximizing revenue streams while protecting your personal assets. 

Patrick also serves as outside general counsel to board game publishers.  Representative clients include Stronghold Games and Kolossal Games.  For game companies, Patrick drafts employment agreements, work for hire and author agreements, licensing agreements with other publishers, transfer agreements, and merger and acquisition agreements.  As a litigator, Patrick has an eye for drafting language that is clear and unambiguous – and, thus, enforceable. 

Patrick can also enforce your rights in state and federal court.  Patrick has litigated breach of contract, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, trade secret, non-disclosure agreement, and non-compete issues, including temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions. 

Patrick offers flexible and creative payment arrangements. 

Representative Matters

For Martin Wallace, Patrick negotiated the termination of the licensing agreement for Brass, including enforcement of Wallace’s royalty rights and transfer of trademark rights.  This allowed Martin to license the board game version of Brass to Roxley Games and to license the app version of Brass. 

For Kolossal Games, Patrick drafted the agreement to purchase John Clowdus’ back catalog of Small Box Games and hire him as an outside designer.  Patrick also drafted agreements with another publisher and game designer for the English and Chinese rights to a new game design.